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Scholarship Recipients: Stephanie Igwe & Helen Paul

In January 2020, our organization was privileged to help two Queens on their journey to completing their secondary school education by covering their West African Senior School Certificate Examination fees.

Here is what Stephanie had to say:

"WAEC is an examination written in West Africa in order to certify that I am through with secondary School. Without it I won't be able to leave Nigeria for further studies. Without it I will not be able to get into college for my tertiary education.

Iban Ifiok is so important to me because they've been of great help to me. The workshop held last year has helped me greatly. For example, I now know that I am great no matter what people say, and also, I asked for help and you all responded greatly, if not for you, I wouldn't have written my WAEC examination. Thank you very much.

Lastly, due to my love and passion for teaching, I would like to study science education (chemistry). We don't have much equipment for practicals in our school. But, I do research in order to acquire more knowledge. Once I become a lecturer, all of that will change for the better. I will make sure that my students gain a meaningful insight of what chemistry is about, and also love the subject. Once again I want to say thank you for standing by me during these hard times and showing me that I have great potential in me to do anything I dream of and also knowing that I CAN AND I WILL always. Thank you."

Here is what Helen had to say:

"WAEC is very important to me because I need it to gain admission into any university outside the country or in my country. I also need WAEC to secure a job in Nigeria if I choose to work before going to university.

Iban Ifiok is very important to me because they have already helped me accomplish part of my mission and are still willing to help me do more. I want to become a pharmacist in the future, a well known writer and a female rights advocate just like members of the Iban Ifiok team."


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