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End Period Poverty

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Menstruation, commonly known as "period," is a normal biological process. It happens when a woman's
uterus sheds blood and tissue from the uterine lining and leaves the body through the vagina each month.
It is essential for members of our community, including young girls, to properly detect, manage, and live
with this biological process.

Iban Ifiok strives to raise awareness and end period poverty. Education leads to support and increased
access to period-friendly water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.

Iban Ifiok touches the lives of our girls by providing sanitary pads, body spray (roll-on), and menstrual
hygiene brochures. We believe that this little act of love has transformed the minds of our community
members and that no girl should be held back because she menstruates. We want them to know that
menstruation can be managed safely, hygienically, confidently, and without shame.


It is important to remember to check on our loved ones and be kind to others. Offer a helping hand if you can and encouage practices that will stop the spread of COVID. 

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