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2024 Opportunities for Growth!

Happy New Month Queens! Here are two exciting learning opportunities you should take full advantage of! Deadlines are coming up soon, so please apply and share with others. 

Google Code Program is an exciting opportunity to dig into the coding world. Google Summer of Code is an open-source program managed by Google’s Open Source team. It invites developers to spend their summer contributing to the source code for various organizations taking part in the program. Acquire new skills, work on real-world projects, and build your professional networks with coders worldwide.

Deadline: February 7th 2024

Website: Checkout their website for more information, and other learning opportunities available at Google youth opportunities. 

The Obama Foundation is a six-month leadership development journey spanning four regions – Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States – designed to nurture, empower, and connect emerging leaders committed to fostering positive and lasting change. Open to emerging leaders worldwide, typically aged 24-45, this program encourages the creation of societies and communities rooted in shared values where everyone belongs, participates, and thrives.

Deadline: February 9th 2024 


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