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"Mind Matters"

The focus of our July office meet-up was on mental health. Mental health refers to maintaining successful mental activity, including engaging in productive daily activities and maintaining fulfilling relationships with others, as well as adapting to change and coping with stresses.

Iban Ifiok understands the effect of post-Covid, naira scarcity, and the hike in petrol prices on our young girls in Nigeria. These factors and many others affect their mental health.

We discussed the environment, genetics, and external pressures (change, stress, emotions) as mental health factors that disrupt one's mental health.

The interactive session explained the four levels of mental health.

The key takeaway for the girls was how to stay mentally healthy, which includes the following;

  • Writing down how you feel 

  • Talking to someone about how you are feeling

  • Being authentic

  • Exercising regularly (includes prayer/meditation deep breathing exercises)

  • Not being ashamed of how you feel

We are confident that our girls are well equipped to manage and maintain their mental health despite the state successfully.

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