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"So You Want to be a Makeup Artist?"

Miss Aniebiet Johnson (Annie), a beautician and CEO of Annie's Artistry, was our guest speaker in the second edition of our career series tagged, "So You Want to be a Makeup Artist?"

She discussed the advantages and challenges of becoming a makeup artist, her journey in the industry, and what she aims to achieve. Our girls learned about the importance of creativity and expression, flexibility to work, variety of work environments, personal satisfaction, and constant learning.

On the other hand, one could encounter challenges: variable income, competitive industry, physical demands, job insecurity, and continuous training and investment.

In conclusion, networking, honing your skills, and staying updated on industry trends can help anyone pursuing a career as a makeup artist navigate the competitive landscape and build a successful career.

Ultimately, the girls were taken on a practical demonstration of matching the right makeup color based on the individual's skin tone.


Please join us for another exciting career path exposure. Follow Iban Ifiok on our social media handles.


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