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"So you want to be a Caterer?"

Are you dreaming of becoming a Caterer? Well, you're in luck! In our latest edition of the 2023 career series, we invited the incredible Dr. Comfort Usoroh, Associate Professor of Home Economics Education at the University of Uyo, to share her expertise.

Our topic for the day was "So, you want to be a Caterer?" Dr. Usoroh showed our girls how to make mouth-watering pancakes, buns, egg rolls, and puff puffs - from start to finish!

We started with a theoretical session where the girls learned about the ingredients, hygienic conditions, and tools required for a successful production. Then, we moved on to the fun part - the practical session! Each group had their instructor to guide them through sifting flour, combining ingredients, beating eggs, and frying up some delicious egg rolls!

Each team presented their final products and shared them to celebrate their successful teamwork. Not only did our girls gain practical knowledge and skills, but they also can use their newfound skills to support their families and communities.

We at Iban Ifiok are so proud to have organized this empowering event. By extending their skills to commercial production, our girls can support their academic needs and reduce their reliance on their parents.

Join us in 2024 as we continue to impact and inspire young girls in our communities in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. Don't forget to subscribe and follow our social media handles to stay updated on our latest events and programs!


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